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Dr Akhtar Hasan Rizvi

There was a ground and two upper floor building known as Imambada at Babarali. The ground floor was occupied by shops jutting out on the road and there were godowns in the rear portion of shops. There was no space in the ground floor of the building which was used as a godown except front portion of the building was used for Majlis and that too in the night.

There were rooms on the first floor rented for residential and commercial purposes. There were rooms on three sides of first floor and there was courtyard in te centre for us where tenants were taking access to their rooms. The said courtyard was used on certain days of the year for majlis where world renowned preachers, orators were giving religious sermons (Majlis).

There was no exclusive space reserved for religious programmes in the entire two store building except that name of the building was known as Babar Ali Imambada. The second floor of the building was exclusively used for residential purpose which was occupied by about 40 tenants.

The said building was about 150 years old and was owned by private landlords known as Nanaji Family. The Landlords sold this building to religious and educational trust known as Imam Foundation Trust. Some time in the year 1987 a par of the building collapsed. The municipal corporation and Bombay Housing Board served the notice to owners i.e. Imam Foundation Trust and occupants to vacate the building and demolish the building. Those failing to vacate the building could be vacated with the help of Police.

Imam foundation Trust approached Dr. Akhtar hasan Rizvi who is a renowned real estate developer and member of Shia Community. It was agreed between the Trust and Dr. Akhtar Rizvi that Rizvi will vacate all occupants of building and execute agreement with occupants to provide permanent alternate accommodation after re-construction is complete and / or compensate tenants of shops / godowns and residential premises at cost of Dr. Akhtar Rizvi and Imam Foundation Trust would not pay to Dr. Rizvi for reconstruction cost and / or towards any compensation which Dr. Rizvi may give to occupants of building.

It was part of agreement between Trust and Dr. Rizvi that in life of expenses and cost to be incurred by Rizvi Imam Foundation would transfer the land and building by a gift deed.

At that time, Dr. Akhtar Hasan Rizvi registered the Zainabia Trust by appointing himself as chairman of the trust and appoint two members of Imam trust and three members of Shia community as other members of Zainabia Trust.

Dr. Akhtar hasan Rizvi vacated all occupants by paying rent during construction and constructed the place thereafter free of cost. He got the trust registered in the year 1989 and six trustees were appointed including himself as the chairman.

This was a philanthropic act of Dr. Akhtar Hasan Rizvi for benefit of the community and did not take any donation for construction and compensation given to such occupants, particularly in ground and first floor.

The premises purchased by Dr. Rizvi was not sold to anyone but all premises purchased from occupant tenants was converted and planned to make a big hall in the ground floor and two spacious hall premises on the first floor to be used for community’s religious, educational, social and political use.

All maintenance expenses including property tax, water bills, electric bill and salaries of staff are paid by Dr. Akhtar Hasan Rizvi personally till date without any donation from any one.

In the year 1990, Dr. Akhtar Rizvi constituted a group of professionals to start a religious, educational, social channel in the name of Zainabia Channel which today has a website & a strong social media presence to serve the Muslim community in India and rest of the world. This channel is exclusively managed by Dr. Akhtar Hasan Rizvi solely at his cost.



ZAINABIA CHANNEL is an Indian, Muslim Islamic and General, Social, Cultural and Educational Television Channel which is owned and Operated Wholly and only by ''ZAINABIA TRUST MUMBAI'' registered under Charitable Trust Mumbai no B-1374 is based in Mumbai, India. It is the endeavour of ''ZAINABIA CHANNEL'' to spread peaceful harmony amongst Indian in particular, and the mankind all over the world in general throughout the erudite teachings of our learned and holy personalities.

"ZAINABIA CHANNEL provides alternative Muslim Islamic news, infotainment, current affairs and entertainment programming from an Islamic perspective. Since it's launch in 2012, "ZAINABIA CHANNEL has developed into a platform for ingenious and practical television complimenting the definition of good programming.

Broadcasted in Urdu, English, Hindi & Gujrati , "ZAINABIA CHANNEL aims for it's programming to appeal to both Muslims and non-Muslims. Ultimately conveying Islam in it's true form to curious non-Muslims and to further educate Muslims, consequently establishing itself as the leading, free-to-air, Multilingual, Islamic focused IPTV channel available globally.

Supporting it's reputation as the unrivalled leader by conforming to international standards and quality, "ZAINABIA CHANNEL has garnered certificates and accreditation from various institutions.

"ZAINABIA CHANNEL is Totally a Non Income free to air Channel.